Hospitals, health systems and academic medical centers trust ReferWell with their most critical value-based care initiatives. ReferWell helps connect local physicians and hospital specialists, regardless of the many EMRs they use, to direct care transitions to the right providers, reduce unnecessary care and improve patient access. All while reducing the revenue leakage that is killing their bottom line.

Challenges Solved for Health Systems


Improve Relationships with Community Providers & Prevent Leakage

Hospitals are increasingly forming value-based networks that include ACOs and CINs. These groups are working with ReferWell to visualize and connect their full provider networks across the disparate EMRs in use. By helping community providers direct care transitions in-network, health systems virtually eliminate patient leakage and the corresponding profitability hit.

Share Expert Guidance by Offering eConsults

Keep hospital specialists top of mind with local providers by providing expert guidance to allow them to manage and/or resolve cases locally. Help avoid unnecessary patient visits while also increasing the likelihood of community physicians referring difficult cases to the health system that advised them on how to manage the patient’s care.


Improve Access to Care with Both In-Person and Telehealth Appointments

By scheduling at the point of care, practices have seen appointment wait times decrease by almost 30%. A platform that offers integrated telehealth visits side-by-side with in-person visits allows patients the greatest flexibility and access, knowing that appointment can be face-to-face or virtual. 

Get Patients to Follow Through with Specialist Appointments More Often, Increasing Revenue and Improving Outcomes

With ReferWell, PCPs schedule referral appointments with your specialists at the point of care and the software handles all automated reminders. We're helping increase patient follow-through with recommended specialty care by 60110% across all beneficiaries. This translates to more patients going to in-network providers, bringing more revenue to the health system and keeping patients healthier.


Close the Loop with Community Providers to Eliminate Readmissions

ReferWell makes it easy to send consult notes back to  providers so they can provide follow-up care. That, and getting more patients to go to their provider post-discharge, serves to reduce the chance of hospital readmissions. 

“You mean to tell me that you make doing the right thing also the easy thing?”

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Drive Patients to Hospital Specialists & Reduce Leakage

See how a major metropolitan hospital system used ReferWell to reduce leakage by 57% and increase revenue.

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